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Pablo Montero
07-04-2013 3:48:37 PM CST
Cual es la fecha del Regional de Texas, 6 y 7 de Julio o el 26 y 27 de Julio, por favor si alguien puede dar la informacion correcta. Gracias.

Randy Janssen
06-26-2013 9:12:51 AM CST
The bill against Mangana or what the ignorant call horse tripping passed out of the Oregon house. It does not stop the roping of a horse by the neck as happens in Big Loop Roping. For those of you who don’t know what happens when you rope a horse around the neck. The horse fights the rope and this cuts off the air supply. The Horse then gasps for air and after a while, the horse collapses. That is why Charros rope the horse by the legs. I have the whole article about how the laws against Mangana are used to deaminize Mexicans on my webpage horseroping(dot)com.

Donna Aloia   daloia@gvtc.com
06-17-2013 5:42:30 PM CST

looking on how to get a hold of Ruben Carbajal He used to do my horses feet and shoes ! Anyone have a new number on him or Nani?

05-28-2013 8:01:01 PM CST
Gracias a todos los Charros y sus familias por todo el apoyo que nos brindaron este fin de semana despues de un largo año de descanso. Des afortunadamente tuvimos muchos improvistos, pero gracias a dios pudimos salir adelante con un segundo lugar con la apuntacion de 321.5!!!!!!

Crystal Rodriguez
05-25-2013 4:29:53 AM CST
That was another Crystal, probably the same one who made the message on the Escaramuza web page that might get it taken down.

05-24-2013 8:48:47 PM CST
I thought you said you were going to donate the money?

Crystal Rodriguez
05-24-2013 3:34:57 AM CST
Since the girls always need money and since San Antonio made so much money at Fiesta with the help of the girls, it just seemed right for San Antonio to share with the girls. $3,500.00 is less then 5% of what San Antonio made.

Crystal Rodriguez
05-22-2013 11:42:07 AM CST
I will donate the prize money

Crystal Rodriguez
05-20-2013 5:45:08 PM CST
Does anyone know what the prizes are going to be. $2000.00, $1000.00 and $500.00 would show some real respect and help the girls with the cost of the Regionals or Nationals.

Escaramuza too
05-18-2013 4:29:41 PM CST
I heard there giving 16! Can't wait to go! They rock!

05-18-2013 11:07:10 AM CST
That is because they are treating the girls with respect. They still should give 10 complementary tickets to each team.

SA Supporter
05-18-2013 12:13:37 AM CST
Iys the weekend, she's drunk.

05-18-2013 12:05:19 AM CST
Lol, this crystal first criticizes now promotes for san Antonio charro! This has to be another crystal :) lol

05-17-2013 11:53:37 PM CST
Oye Crystal andas de lambusca ó que? Como que se te cambio el tono no? Asi me gustas mejor, porque de que andes hablando mal de lo que no sabes cai mal.

05-16-2013 3:13:07 PM CST
La Asociacion De Charros de San Antonio celebran su 66 Anniversario el 23 de Junio. Invitan todas las escaramuzas que gustan participar en su feria de escaramuza. No hay inscripcion para los equipos. Premios para los premiros tres lugares. Para mas informacion comunicanse con Roberto "Bobby" Gonzalez

05-05-2013 10:08:38 AM CST
I think is two at San Antonio charros today.

Corina Goytia
05-03-2013 9:03:01 PM CST
When and where is the next charreada in San Antonio/ Austin area? Thanks!

A real charro
05-03-2013 6:55:16 PM CST
Hey crystal if u don't mind me asking did u recently get dumped by a charro from the San Antonio Association or do you just like the bruno mars song? because I really don't see any other reason for you to just keep repeating the same thing!!

05-02-2013 3:14:37 PM CST
SA did not get paid to put this event. Only participants that got paid was security.

Escaramuza supporter
05-02-2013 11:12:05 AM CST
Yup, I checked with federation There is not a Crystal Rodriquez Federated with any team in Texas. She's not a memember. Shouldn't be critiquing anyone. Build you own place stay out of federated teams business!

Escaramuza Too
05-02-2013 9:35:32 AM CST
Well said! You're not even an escaramuza, The girls don't need you trying to stick up for escaramuza. The girls have someone to do that and its not you. so please, since you are not one keep it down. Go to Alvarado and stay there.

05-02-2013 7:57:36 AM CST
Ms. Crystal u seem to be the only one mad about this situation which I do not u understand since you didnt participate! If you don't like it don't come simple as that! If we enjoyed ourselves let it be! We will continue to come and participate in fiesta!

05-02-2013 6:48:47 AM CST
No men got paid. I participated, no one got paid. We are charros who went to have a good time, and we did. My friends daughter participated and the had a good time also. You aren't federated on a team "Ms. Crystal" so you you weren't invited. If my friends daughter gets invited next year they are going. I will too. Back off and make your own team with your dream of covered arena and invite who you want and pay them if you want. Stop being a hater, and get a life. The real charro community will still continue to support this group because they know how to treat friends and family and put on a great event. You are the only one that was disrepected cause you are not their friend.

Escaramuza Too
05-02-2013 6:23:40 AM CST
I think the families that came in with trailers got in free. If you were in a car, you had to pay.

05-02-2013 5:22:15 AM CST
My parents had to pay and so did my girlfriends. I even heard that one girl's parents and grandparents did not go because of the money.

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