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05-02-2013 6:48:47 AM CST
No men got paid. I participated, no one got paid. We are charros who went to have a good time, and we did. My friends daughter participated and the had a good time also. You aren't federated on a team "Ms. Crystal" so you you weren't invited. If my friends daughter gets invited next year they are going. I will too. Back off and make your own team with your dream of covered arena and invite who you want and pay them if you want. Stop being a hater, and get a life. The real charro community will still continue to support this group because they know how to treat friends and family and put on a great event. You are the only one that was disrepected cause you are not their friend.

Escaramuza Too
05-02-2013 6:23:40 AM CST
I think the families that came in with trailers got in free. If you were in a car, you had to pay.

05-02-2013 5:22:15 AM CST
My parents had to pay and so did my girlfriends. I even heard that one girl's parents and grandparents did not go because of the money.

05-02-2013 3:22:51 AM CST
Some of the girls families got in free and some of the girls parents had to pay. That is why they should have given complementary tickets. Don't compare Fiesta to other competitions. San Antonio got paid to put on the Charreada. They paid the men to perform. The girls are the biggest draw for the Charreada. They should not have to cook to make money. Don't just settle. The girls deserve better.

05-01-2013 10:08:19 PM CST
We were shown respect. Anyways what does it matter to you? We all had a good time they are the only ones that put together shows like this. They treated us good and our families. They even offered to feed us. We don't get that anywhere. Everywhere else we have to pay for everything. not even a free water. This was great place and great show. hopefully we can go back cuz we made money. So leave them alone they are only real association around. They even offered dressing rooms. with A/C. Not dustbowl place!!!

San Antonio Rose Palace
05-01-2013 9:50:42 PM CST
Por una chingada dale esta mensa Crystal una rosa para que se cae la voca, ya sabemos que no conoce ni madre de este deporte. Dale una rosa y un toston para que no se presenta a ningun evento. Se me hace que tiene mucho emvidia a los senores de esa associacion. ni es mujer es el pinche vato bollio.

05-01-2013 6:25:06 PM CST
Ok. Speaking for myself. This person wanted to include me in for some reason, this person must know us all, Ok first off if you have read previous messages like I had to, to know what's going on, other escaramuzas are stating that they went in free, I got tickets for ny family to go in free. Escaramuzas don't get complimentary gifts everywhere they go, charros don't get paiid, if it was like that I think they would have had more charro teams wanting to go. Charr@s travel many distances just to charrear and perform, without pay. Hearing the applaudes is satisfactory and knowing we did good, and I agree with escaramuzera, we had a bonus this time we had a judge. and thank you bobby for bringing the jydge it helped us know where we stand and improved, and got advice! And please dont include me in nonsense messages.

05-01-2013 5:23:52 PM CST
Yasmine and Yesenia, It is not a matter of being forced, it is a matter of respect. You were invited to help the San Antonio Charros and they should have shown a minimum of respect. When they paid the men to be there, and they told you they only way you could make money, was by working in a kitchen, they were saying, the girls had to value. They compounded this, by not providing complementary tickets for your families before the event. They made it worse, when they did not even give you some token of appreciation. The Fiesta Charreada is a special event and the girls should have been treated special.

Yesenia Medina
05-01-2013 2:24:12 PM CST
Fuimos porque nos invitarron y porque quisimos. Nadien nos forso. Muy bien sabiamos que no nos iban a pagar. Nos dieron la oportunidad de tener un puesto y Tapatias decidio no hacerlo. La razon en que tomamos esa decicien fue porque nosotras ibamos a demostrarle al publico lo que hemos preparado por ellos. Y porque ibamos a divertirnos. Yo no me senti mal ni ofendida ni me senti menos porque no nos dieron un regalo. Y lo de las Rosas. A mi no megusta resivir flores porque no las cuido. Nosotras nos vale los premios. Y por lo de la entrada, TODAS ENTRAMOS GRATIS Y NUESTRAS FAMILIAS!!!!!!

also escaramuza
05-01-2013 2:18:39 PM CST
Like stated previously, escaramuzas went in free and so did family , escaramuzas got complimentary tickets. And nothing is expected from them, the applause of the people and knowing we did good , entertained is satisfactory! We got more than expected we were able to get scored to see are work, see our errors and, get advice! Thank you san Antonio charros for inviting and always keeping us in mind! Ready for the nxt event and fiesta 2014

Yesenia Medina
05-01-2013 2:17:54 PM CST
OMGoodness REALLY! Esto le va a la tal Crystal. Oiga usted, mejor no se meta ni ande con sus quejas. Porque ya tenemos lo esuficiente en nustro deporte. Y los que nosmas quejan se quedan sobrando. Este domingo fuimos a participar en la charreada de fiesta. Porq

05-01-2013 2:11:06 PM CST
Bobby; I personally don’t want anything from you. What I want is for you and the rest of the San Antonio Charros to treat the girls of the Escaramuza with respect. Because of the peculiar nature of Fiesta, the minium exhibition of respect would be, complementary tickets for the parents of the girls and some sort of nominal exhibition of appreciation. A simple rose would be nice. They should not have to ask, it is simply what men of honor and tradition would do.

05-01-2013 2:01:04 PM CST

05-01-2013 1:57:45 PM CST

05-01-2013 1:55:05 PM CST
Through out the years I have had the pleasure of participating in the fiesta charreadas, this is the first time in which we had the opportunity to be judged, and see where we stand. There was no cmpetition in all of it just 4 teams performing, scored to be able to get tips, advice ect.. we went to perform to get exposure, and serves as practice, did not expect anything in return.and for the miss informed escaramuzas and family went for FREE. :). THE teams had the opportunity to have a booth, for their team, some accepted and some declined to it. Had a great time, so did my teammates and sister escaramuzas, and our families, thank you bobby and those with you in putting these events together! And that comment about real charros honey, there are tons still around, some may not compete as often as that would like, but in their time were great at it. I can admit there are a handful at fiesta week , that we like to call fiesta charros, that just because they own a traje or horse they say their charros. :). SER CHARRO O ESCARAMUZAS NO ES UNA MODAES UN ESTILO DE VIDA!!

Bobby G
05-01-2013 10:56:00 AM CST
Sorry you can't make it this weekend. At the present time I am very much attuned to what is going on with the charreria not only in this area but throughout the state of Texas, the United States and in Mexico . However I don't know you, or your schedule. Maybe we can have a meeting because I am really interested in hearing more about your Socialistic revenue sharing business model for charreria. If you can can put together a proforma, or a presention quickly, and If it makes sense I might be able to get it on the agenda at the next state or national meeting. Please make reference points as to the success and failures with your experience running an association. Have your President contact our regional delegate so that I can accomodate you in my schedule. PS: I take offense to being called a liar. You are right complimentary tickets were not given to everyone. Anyone that needed to pay paid. If there was an issue, the participants representatives knew to contact me.

Charro Viejo
05-01-2013 10:23:35 AM CST
Felicidades a San Antonio. Mi familia les gusto su exito el domingo pasado. Pensaba que iban a cancelar por el tormento. Y no hay techo! Hay que siguir echandole ganas! Mis respetos! Muy buen trabajado! Muy buen ganado. Viva Fiesta! Hay que pedir un Campeonato! Me vale lo que dice el amiga de el Lic.

05-01-2013 7:56:25 AM CST
And who are u crystal? Exactly if u don't like it then dont come and ya para! Stop complaining! All of us were fine with everything so then, what's the problem? Oh right! There is no problem! It doesn't matter about trophies of winning or anything we all agreed for everything and since u did not participate u didnt know everything that actually goes on! So if you are going to talk about a ranch with such harsh words at least know the truth!

05-01-2013 6:49:09 AM CST
charreada at " Crystal want to be Imporatant Ranch" free for all escaramusa and all their families.. free food you'll get paid, roses, and split money at the door. Woooo Hooo!!!! whupp whupp! Crystal for president.!!!

05-01-2013 6:11:28 AM CST
Quien es Crystal,? Ya para de chingar. El sede puso un ejemplo en su evento. Los participantes tuvieron mucho suerte y divercion. Si no ti gusto ya no vayas. Los muchas que fueron van otra vez. No manches! Hora adonde esta el muchacho para decirte Pendeja hora se mererce?

escaramusa supporter
05-01-2013 5:49:41 AM CST
It's none of your business Crystal. Real charros don't get paid.

Randy Janssen
05-01-2013 4:56:58 AM CST

Daryan Arcos

05-01-2013 12:58:48 AM CST
Bobby, if Carl Rodriguez had something to say, he would say it himself, he is a real Charro. So don't lie. This weekend, I am going to be Alvarado, Texas, with the real Charros. If you bothered to pay attention to what is going on in Charreria, you would know that. You still did not say you give the girls complementary tickets for their families and not even a rose for the girls. When the winning team was announced, one of their children asked what they got, and the answer was nothing. They were not impressed. Also, I saw some Charros performing who do not do anything without getting paid. Why should the girls have to perform and then sell food to make money, when the men get paid. San Antonio gets paid $10,000.00 by the Fiesta Commission to put on this show,.They charged $15.00 per person at the gate and there was almost 2000 people there just on the last Sunday. That is between $20,000.00 and $30,000.00. Then there was the beer and soda sales, that was thousands of dollars more. That was just the second Sunday. With all that, the girls did not even get a rose. How cheep can you get.

Bobby Gonzalez
04-30-2013 11:28:24 PM CST
Its not a free event. Other groups have events and charge at the door for even participants. I spoke to Carl, and he blushed about the comment you made. I had the pleasure of actually competing on the same team with him in the late 80's We are very proud of him. He currently is our treasurer. He also denies that any participants were paid. and that San Antonio Charros recieved money from Fiesta Commission to put this show on. He also said that all the escaramusa were not charged. As for plaques, we have a tradition of giving those out to people that have made a difference in the lives of others, and sometime to even our own memebers for the contributions that they have made to the organization through dedication and hard work. This year we gave one to the Rey Feo, And King Antonio, and to a member who has een with us for over fifty years. The escaramusa teams in San Antonio where all asked if they wanted a booth to help raise money for their group. One declined to operate one but wanted to participate, two declined participation all together. The teams that did have a booth faired well with their sales. They really liked the exposure, and the attention that was given to them. The association also brought in a someone to jusge them to prepare the girls for state. They actually had their own event which will be expanded next year. I'm sorry that you did not participate, and apologize that you did not witness the work and effort that was put in this particular venue. I have yet to receive one complaint from any participant. I was in charge of putting on this event, and I really care about charros and the charras. I am putting on another event this weekend. Would you consider being my guest so that you can help me better understand what you mean about pathetic, how to make any future events better after a thunderstorm? I really don't know of another local lienzo that can accomodate the public, much less another with running water in the restrooms. Please contact any federated team to get my contact information so that arragements can be made so you do not pay at the door.

04-30-2013 9:40:54 PM CST
This is where your absolutely wrong! I performed there sunday and so did my other escaramuza friends and none of them had to pay so I really don't know where your information is coming from to be honest! All of us are content with how things went so I really don't know who is complaining! San Antonio has always been welcoming to us all and we all made money from our booths!

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