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Randy Janssen
07-30-2012 5:37:38 AM CST
Watched the 3:30 Charreada on DeCharros.com. 4 teams. Cala was excellent with two 40’s and one 39. 3 teams got one Pial and Juan Soltero got 2. 35 out of 36 colas caught. Bull Riding, Bronco Riding and Terna were excellent. In fact everything was excellent then it moved to fantastic when Juan River did his second mangana. He caught his first mangana, than in his second he did a move that I don’t know if I can describe. He had the rope at his ankles stepped into the loop, swung it around his leg, stepped out and stepped in with his other foot, to continue the rope moving in a circle. He stepped out and then he caught the mangana. The crowd erupted with applause. Even though he missed his third mangana, it took 10 min., to pick up all the hats and boots. More live Charreada on DeCharros.com. This time from Pachuca Mexico beginning Aug. 2 until the 5th. You just have to see it to believe it. By the way, no animals hurt, even though I saw 10 horses caught and taken down in mangana.

Randy Janssen
07-27-2012 7:57:26 AM CST
Another live transmission of Charreada from Mexico on decharros.com This time from the Villa Guadalupana. If you want to see traditional Charreada including mangana, watch on decharros.com.

Randy Janssen
07-21-2012 5:48:41 AM CST
The 4 o’clock Charreada on DeCharros.com, was fantastic. The stands were full and the Charros hot. 5 Piales caught and the Pialiador from 3 Potrillos made 3. A lot of points made in cola. No animals hurt. You always hear of tails being pulled off in cola, but I have never seen it happen. If you use healthy animals, you should not have a problem. The Escaramuza, Las Amazones, was fast. If you blinked when they broke out from the circle, you missed it. The fan flew around the arena. Just marvelous. The 1st Ternador from 3 Potrillos, would spin his horse almost as fast as a calador. The 1st ternador from San Bernaldo backed up his horse like in Cala while doing florero and then roped the bull. Very neat move, which I had never seen before. Since the tournament began, I have seen 29 captures in mangana. 3 were done by the manglador a caballo for the Charros Tracomsa and 1 by a 15 year old Charro , who may get into the Charro Completo competition. By the way, I have not seen any horses hurt in mangana. The semi finals are today, 12, 4 & 8. They should be great

Randy Janssen
07-20-2012 6:23:54 AM CST
Had too many clients to see much yesterday on DeCharros.com. Had to take my granddaughter to practice with her Escaramuza at night. Did see the last teams mangana, for 12 o’clock Charreada, but my secretary interrupted. The first two pasadors made the jump. Something interesting, the helpers backed off so the horse bucked out. I have seen this before in this Charreada, which makes me wonder if you get more points for ridding the horse while it bucks. I looked at the rules on mundocharro, and did not see anything. Let me know what you think. Don’t miss Charreada from Mexico at 12, 4 & 8 on DeCharros.com. The finals are this weekend. Should be some great Charreria.

Randy Janssen
07-19-2012 5:20:27 AM CST
Finally saw 2 piales caught yesterday, on DecHarros.com. Probably more caught, but I did not see them. Piales is catching the back legs of a running mare, and bring it to a stop. You have to let the rope pass around the horn. The smoke from the saddle horn is impressive. You have to let the rope pass through your hand slow enough to bring the horse to a stop, but not so slow as to make the horse fall. If you grab the rope too hard, you can have your hand pulled into the saddle horn. In that case you can lose a thumb or fingers. They say, you can tell a real pialeador, by shaking his right hand. The Escaramuzas at 12, put on great exhibitions. Both teams scored over 300. One of the bull riders bucked out backwards. One of the mangladors lost 3 points, because the horse left the wall when he dropped it. He made a good catch on his next try. Paso de Muerte, is when you jump from your galloping horse onto a bucking mare, which is just that, the horse with no means of control. The mare is being pushed by three helpers. You have to ride the mare until you can get off without falling. You can get extra points if you grab the ear or you swing your leg over the horse’s head. You also can get killed if you miss hit the wall and are trampled by the three horses pushing the mare. In the first paso, the rider jumped, but was a little too far from the mare. He tilted to the left, but somehow he got up and rode the horse until he got off. I was sure he would fall. Don’t miss more Charreada, on DeCharros.com at 12, 4 and 8.

Randy Janssen
07-18-2012 11:41:47 AM CST
Had my grandchildren with me yesterday. The two young ones had to swim and took the oldest to practice with her Escaramuza. Did not get to watch Charreada on DeCharros.com. Bringing lunch in, so I can watch it in my office, if my clients will leave me alone. Remember DeCharros.com has Charreadas at 12, 4 and 8. Don’t miss it. For the AR fanatics out there, watch it, so you can see that Charros and Charras are good people who would not intentionally hurt animals.

Randy Janssen
07-17-2012 6:23:46 AM CST
I have seen 18 horses roped during the Charreadas on DeCharros.com. I probably could have seen more, but last night my wife took over the TV to watch the Scarlet Pimpernel. (I have to admit Merle Oberon was beautiful) Getting back to Charreada, all of the roped horses got up and trotted away. This is contrary to the AR fanatics propaganda, that most of the horses used in mangana die. Of course, now it has been proven that the horses a not physically hurt, their complaint is that the horses suffer from some type of horsey PTSD. Yet if you think about it, being chased and knocked down is of what a horse expects from life. After they a knocked down and they get up, they look proud. All of them hold their heads up, some stick their tails out. They even prance. I am not into horse body language like some, but they don’t look depressed to me. If you want to see what I mean, watch DeCharros.com at 12, 4 and 8

Randy Janssen
07-16-2012 5:11:42 AM CST
Saw a great Escaramuza, called Pinotepa , on DeCharros.com, yesterday. They did a transition from a Cross to an Escalera that was very exciting. Also they had a move from a Gero, to a Cross, that would knock your socks off. Too bad, but no piales caught in the same Charreada. As expected the florero was great. I spoke too soon in my post yesterday; a mangalador was hit by a horse. He was down for a while, but then he got up and finished the suerte. One tough guy. There were a few glitches when the internet, lost the transmission of the third terna. Can’t really complain though. I was watching on a 50 inch TV while sitting on my own couch. After so many cement benches, this is great.

Randy Janssen
07-15-2012 6:27:17 AM CST
I was watching the Charreada in Acapulco yesterday, on DeCharros.com. A mangalador, was on foot and catching the horse with the rope around the neck. When he caught the horse, he would then drop on his back to bring the horse down. He caught the first two, but on the third try, he only caught one leg. He ran forward, but he tripped. My first though, was he could get hurt, but the announcer calmly said, this cost him points because he lost his hat. Too bad because he did some great florero. I really admire, a mangaldor on foot, because he has to be able to do his florero, while three men chase a horse around the lienzo, toward him. One misstep and he could be run over by any or all of the four horses. You have to really trust the guys helping you and have nerves of steel.

Randy Janssen
07-14-2012 5:38:02 AM CST
I watched the live broadcast of Charreada on DeCharros.com. As they said, it was a test, so there were some glitches. All and all, it was pretty good. Like most Charreada, there were dead spots that should be tightened up. That is because the competition in being held in a soccer arena with a temporary Lienzo. If you have never seen Charreada, you should watch. For those of you who are Animal Rights advocates, you will be able to see, that the animals might get bounced around a little, but then they get up and trot away. You will see that livestock are not pets. They are pretty tough. Remember, before we had cars, horses, were the primary mode of transportation. They pulled the guns for Lee and Grant, the hunted with the Sioux and Cheyenne. They fought with Villa. I admire their strength and it really pisses me off when the AR fanatics make them out to be wimps.

Randy Janssen
07-05-2012 12:47:09 PM CST
A Charro competition, named “Triangulo de el Sur”, will be broadcast live on decharros dot com. It starts on July 13 and will run until July 22. It will be announced in both English and Spanish. Please support Charreria by watching.

Kathy Durr   Luckyshootingstar@hotmail.com
07-05-2012 10:30:51 AM CST

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Xochitl Davis   xcdavis@me.com
06-05-2012 2:42:22 PM CST

FOR SALE, Ladies side saddle, albarda. completely refurbished. ready to ride. email xcdavis@me.com asking $250 US

Lienzo El Bajio
05-25-2012 11:36:45 PM CST
Este domingo 27 de Mayo los invitamos a un gran Coleadero y Jaripeo puertas abren a la 1:00 pm.

charros el Bajio
05-12-2012 12:02:24 PM CST
Este Domingo 13 de mayo ven a festejar a todas las mamas a Lienzo charro El Bajio, 2 charreadas, comenzando alas 2:00 pm. puertas abren ala 1 pm... NO FALTEN...

05-09-2012 10:32:10 AM CST
quiero saber cuando habra coleadero en el cricuito charro de san antonio o houston. gracias

Charros de Bejar
04-30-2012 1:47:24 PM CST
Had a good showing at the Battle of Flowers Parade as usual. The Charros doing floero were great and the Friesian were spectacular. The girls were as beautiful as ever. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Look forward to next year.

Charros de Bejar
04-23-2012 11:07:35 AM CST
Had a good show at Tejas Rodeo, Still needs to be tweaked, but getting better and better. Actually made a little money for the participants. The girls got $100.00, the bull and bronc riders $50.00 each, the little Charros $50.00 and $50.00 for gas, to they guys who hauled the stock. Pretty good for the second show, considering we were up against Fiesta. Announcing from a horse, seems to help the show. The next show is on May 27. It is good to get a little money to the guys.

Charros de Bejar
04-21-2012 1:15:34 PM CST
The Parade passes for the Battle of Flowers Parade are in. We will have them at the exhibition tomorrow at Tejas Rodeo. If you can't be there, contact Arnulfo Duran at 210-364-9989. In May, we we want to approach the San Antonio Stock Show, about doing a Feria de Escaramuza. If you want to support this, contact Arnulfo. It only seems right for the Charros and Charras to be more involved in the government sponsored rodeo events. So let's make it happen.

Charros de Bejar
04-18-2012 2:06:44 PM CST
Don’t forget to come and have a fine steak, then watch the fantastic show “A Taste of Charreria”. After which, you can dance the night away. Gates open at 3:00 pm. There will be Little Charros doing Florero and Dancing Andalusians, and an exciting Escaramuza. It is sure to be a great show. So meet us at Tejas Rodeo, 401 Obst, Bulverde Texas. For more information call Arnulfo Duran at 210-364-9989.

Randy Janssen
04-16-2012 6:31:52 AM CST
Had a great time at the Pr-estatal at El Pitallo. Abel De Loera, was awarded 39 points in Cala. Some of the best Charreria I have seen outside of Mexico. It just keeps getting better.

Charros de Bejar
04-14-2012 6:19:11 AM CST
Remember the Pre-estatal for the Southern Zone starts today, at El Pitallo,, April 14, then tomorrow April 15, the Escaramuzas compeat.

Charros El Bajio
04-05-2012 12:48:55 PM CST

LOs invitan a festejar este sabado de Gloria 07 de abril a un gran coliadero abierto, apartir de las 3:00 de la tarde amenizando el Tamborazo Arrieros de Jalpa...!!! No falten, puedes traer tu propia hielera, no se permiten botellas de vidrio...!!!

Charros de Bejar
03-26-2012 2:26:19 PM CST
Had a very good show at Tejas Rodeo, the crowd love the little Charros, the Escaramuza and the Fresians. Terna was spectacular and mangana great. Some problems with cola and piales. Need to do something about the lay out of the arena. It is a little short. Also, the bucking stock should be improved. Next time, it will be better. Think a better name for the event is “A taste of Charreria”. Let us know what you think

Charros de Bejar
03-19-2012 7:22:55 AM CST
The Charros de Bejar are please to announce the first of nine exhibitions to be held at the Tejas Rodeo, 401 Obst, Bulverde Texas. Bring your wife and family and eat at a world class steak house the watch an exhibition of Charreria performed by some of the best Charros in the Texas. Then dance the night away. Gates open at 2:00 pm.

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