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04-28-2015 2:31:57 PM CST
I would like to know the Calendar Schedule for this year. Been trying to see a Charreada for a while.

Charros del Sur
04-27-2015 5:57:12 PM CST
The Charros del Sur received the first place ribbon for the Cavalcade Division of the Battle of Flowers Parade. Great work.

Charros de Sur
04-23-2015 11:00:29 AM CST
Remember the Charros are participating in the Battle of Flowers Parade tomorrow. They came in second to the Budweiser Clydesdales last year. Every year the crowds appreciate the show. The Charros and Charras really work hard to excel. They should be proud of themselves.

Randy Janssen
04-19-2015 5:54:37 AM CST
To Miguel: Charros have to contend with animal rights fanatics and racial animosity. Laws are passed against Charreada, but not rodeo or horse jumping both of which are more dangerous to animals then Charreada. Charros need to work together to survive. I can understand being upset with one or even a group of Charros, but this needs to be taken care of by working within the association. This message board is to promote Charreada, not vent your anger.

Charros de Bejar
04-09-2015 10:19:11 AM CST
We have the passes and documents needed for the Battle of flowers Parade. They will be available from Arnulfo Duran.

03-18-2015 11:23:51 PM CST
Saludos a todos los charros. Cuando hay charreada en el bajio?

03-18-2015 11:23:32 PM CST
Saludos a todos los charros. Cuando hay charreada en el bajio?

Omar Ramirez   rogeliosdesigns@gmail.com
02-25-2015 8:21:41 PM CST

Si busca una buena hebilla, un clip de dinero, mancuernas o grabado de pistolas pueden conseguirlo en RogeliosDesigns. Nos especialisamos en disenos personalizados. Gracias!

Charros de Bejar
02-16-2015 8:00:12 AM CST
Remember the veterinarian will be at El Bajio Sunday, February 22 to do coggins test for $22.00 each. If you want more shot let Arnulfo Duran know.

Charros de Bejar
02-06-2015 7:09:05 AM CST
The SA Stock Show Parade is tomorrow. The Charros will be there. Give them some support.

Charros de Bejar
01-31-2015 3:49:31 AM CST
The veterinarian will be at Lienzo El Bajio on February 22, at 1:00 pm. He will do coggins test for $22.00. If you want more shots you need to contact Arnulfo Duran a week before and let him know what you want.

Charros de Bejar
01-28-2015 4:31:21 AM CST
Virginia has a bill against mangana pending. Unless the Charros and Charras want another state to pass a law against Charreada, they need to act.

Burt Hairgrove   bhairgrove@angelinaexpocenter.com
01-13-2015 1:51:19 PM CST
Wanted: Two Charros to perform 4 shows a day. the entire show is 30 minutes. This is a 24 day run of shows. one rider is required to act as a Spanish horseman with proper caballero dress and tack and show his horse. the other rider is a traditional charro in full dress and maneuver his horse and handle a rope. Must be located in Dallas or Ft. Worth area. please contact Burt at 903 521 3165 for details and pay rate.

Charros de Bejar
01-07-2015 6:38:08 AM CST
The Stock Show Parade is on February 7, 2015. If you want to ride in it, contact Arnofo Duran.

Charros de Bejar
01-07-2015 6:38:08 AM CST
The Stock Show Parade is on February 7, 2015. If you want to ride in it, contact Arnofo Duran.

Charros de Bejar
12-25-2014 2:19:40 AM CST
Feliz Navidad to all Charros and Charras.

Irene Janssen   Icj2009@live.com
11-07-2014 4:02:46 PM CST

50 year old solid silver bontoneria for sale. 58 bontones and clasp.

11-01-2014 12:19:08 PM CST
Se les invita a todos a una Charreada Amistosa este Domingo 2 de Noviembre 2014 en las instalaciones de Rancho 3 Potrillos 17021 FM 1937 San Antonio, Texas 78221...se movio de La Fortaleza a 3 Potrillos...Esperamos nos acompaƱen.

CCruz   christy_cross@yahoo.com
10-22-2014 11:58:04 AM CST
When is your next event?

Charros de Bejar
10-15-2014 5:22:58 AM CST
The Stock Show has asked us to participate in their Parade this again. Let us know what you want to do.

Charros de Bejar
10-12-2014 7:34:59 AM CST
Another Charreada canceled due to rain. It would be great to have a covered lienzo. A protection from the sun in summer and rain in the winter. It takes more then one person though. It takes all the teams working together. Properly done, this would be a benefit to all the Charros.

Charros de Bejar
10-05-2014 4:59:59 AM CST
We have the application for the Battle of Flowers Parade and we have been approached about doing a paid Charreada in the hill country. Lets us know what you want to do.

10-03-2014 6:47:51 PM CST

06-05-2014 8:31:23 AM CST
Cuando se presentan los equipos de tres protrillos, de Jalisco, tres regalos de Quintana roo en el lienzo charro espuelas de plata, si alguien me puede dar informes gracias

06-01-2014 6:03:40 PM CST
Amigos Charros del metroplex de Dallas, estoy en busca de un equipo en el aria por que como buen Mexicano la tradicion de la Charreria corre por nuestras venas y mi hijo de 10 anos quiere aprender, participar y ser parte de un equipo.

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