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bob   bobcasperson@hotmail.com
10-22-2011 3:13:21 PM CST
Can someone tell me when the next event is and where it is???? We are from canada and would love to come and see an event. We are currently in San antonio. Thanks bob

Charros de Bejar
10-16-2011 5:30:22 AM CST
We have been asked to ride in the rodeo parade on February 4, 2012. Contact Arnulfo Duran if you want to do it.

Charros de Bejar
10-12-2011 1:52:51 PM CST
I don’t remember who had the idea about the extra dollar for the fund, but it was a great one. The last two tournaments made $200.00 each and the single day events bring in anywhere between $50.00 and $100.00. We don’t ever want to raffle another horse. It is too much work. Maybe a couple of saddles next year. Once we get all the raffle money turned in, we will have more then $2,000.00 in the bank.

Charros de Bejar
10-05-2011 9:35:01 AM CST
Forgot to mention Arnulfo Duran, in the last post. Arnulfo is one of those guys who is moving to get things done. Sometimes he is missed. Without him, Bajio would not be what it is. He really is an asset to Charreria.

charros de tejas
10-04-2011 7:22:15 PM CST
torneo de El Bajio, primer lugar fue para Nortenos de Houston, segundo lugar El pitallo y tercer lugar Ganaderos de san luis. gracias a todos los equipos y escaramuzas que participaron.

Charros de Bejar
10-03-2011 3:08:37 PM CST
Wonderful tournament at El Bajio. The weather finally cooperated. Really had a large turn out. Teams from all over Texas. It is great to see the Rodriguez brothers receiving such support. They really deserve it. You can’t find two nicer guys. Six Escaramuzas, the girls looking as beautiful as ever. This is what makes Charreria so good.

Orgullo Mexicano   nenadiaze@hotmail.com
09-27-2011 9:14:16 AM CST

Gran Feria de Escaramuzas est 02 de Octubre apartir de las 4pm aprox. en el LIenzo Charro EL Bajio, cerebrando el 3er. Aniversario de Charros del Bajio y el 1 er. Aniversario de Orgullo Mexicano, te esperamos Hambiente totalmente Familiar, antojitos mexicanos, rifas, y muchas sorpresas mas... Los esperamos...

Randy Janssen
09-26-2011 6:39:54 PM CST
Had a great time at the Hacienda De La Flor. Jose Alvarado is really working on the lienzo. It is wonderful to see someone taking that kind of pride in Charreria. The Charros really worked hard. Had a real exhibition of horsemanship. The guys should be proud of themselves. Hope to see you next Saturday and Sunday at Bajio. I am told there will be 6 Escaramuzas.

Charros de Bejar
09-21-2011 7:04:49 AM CST
The results of the horse raffle are: Ticket sales Randy Janssen $500.00 3 Potrillos 200.00 El Bajio 200.00 Rancho Los Compadres 200.00 San Angelo 200.00 El Pitallo 200.00 Rancho Alegre 200.00 Los Amigos 200.00 Total $1900.00 Expenses Horse $500.00 Feed 140.00 Training 150.00 Raffle Tickets 50.00 Total $840.00 Net for the fund $1040.00 We would like to thank Arnulfo Duran for taking care of the horse before the raffle.

Randy Janssen
09-20-2011 6:43:19 AM CST
Lost two days of Charreria last week. We still need a covered lienzo. Even in the heat, it would help. If you want it, we all need to work together.

Bobby G   bobbyglez1@ol.com
09-18-2011 7:38:47 AM CST
Due to wet weather, event today at San Antonio Charros will be postponed.

Amada Reyes   amadareyes45@yahoo.com
09-13-2011 9:53:50 AM CST
Hello, if anyone can give me information on ESCARAMUSAS training I'd appreciate it here in San Antonio. Either email me or call 440-3194

Randy Janssen
09-06-2011 6:04:44 AM CST
Go to the Texas Teams link of this web page and call any of the teams on the Northern Zone.

09-05-2011 5:33:11 PM CST
I am currently working in Dallas and would like to know if there are any charreadas held up here.

09-05-2011 5:33:11 PM CST
I am currently working in Dallas and would like to know if there are any charreadas held up here.

Charros de Bejar
08-29-2011 5:58:09 AM CST
Congratulations to Juan Medina, who won the the injured Charro fund raffle. A special thanks for those teams who participated.

Randy Janssen
08-18-2011 7:50:40 PM CST
Remember the horse raffle is on August 28 at 3 Potrillos. We need the money and tickets turned in before. I have sold 26 tickets and will try to sell some more. I have been telling some of the buyers who don't want a horse, to write no on the ticket. If they win we will auction the horse. The winner will get the money.

Randy Jansen
08-08-2011 11:00:07 AM CST
Had a great time in Del Rio, even in 102 degree, heat. Got back too late to get to 3 Potrillos. Irene wanted to see the shops along the way from Del Rio. Looking forward to next Sunday at El Pitallo. The Southern Zone of Texas, seems to have the most active Charro associations in the USA. A Charreada almost every week.

Orgullo Mexicano & Infantil   nenadiaze@hotmail.com
07-26-2011 10:49:21 AM CST

Acompa?enos este Domingo 31 de Julio 2011 en el Lienzo Charro El Bajio... Tendremos la presentacion de nuestros dos equipos, las puertas abren apartir de las 9:00 am.

Charros El Bajio..
07-26-2011 10:44:43 AM CST

Charros El Bajio y Su Escaramuza Orgullo Mexicano & Infantil, tienen el honor de invitar a una Gran Charreada a realizarce este 31 de Julio en nuestro Lienzo Charro El Bajio, Hambiente totalmente familiar, con la presentacion de nuestras escaramuzas de casa, tendremos antojitos Mexicanos Hambiente totalmente familiar las puertas abren alas 9:00 am. MUchas GRACIAS NO FALTEN....!!!!!!!

Esc. Las Generalas
07-22-2011 12:50:43 PM CST
Acompañenos este Domingo 24 de Julio a una charreada a benefio del Sr. Jose (Chema) Galindo en el Rancho 3 Potrillos. Habra 3 charreadas empezando desde las 9 am, la presentacion de la Esc. Orgullo Mexicano Infantil y Esc. Las Generalas. Tambien habra juegos para los niños, pinta caritas y muchas sorpresas mas!!!

Randy Janssen
07-14-2011 10:53:00 AM CST

The Charros de Sur, voted to sell raffle tickets for this stallion. Each team is committed to sell 20 tickets. The raffle will be on August 28 at 3 Potrillos. If you want to purchase tickets, contact one of the team presidents or call me at 210-846-8757 or e-mail me at rmj8757@hotmail.com. Randy Janssen.

Esc. Las Generalas
07-08-2011 12:31:17 PM CST

Los Esperamos Este Domingo 10 De Julio en el Rancho La Fortaleza desde las 9:00am Charreada a beneficio a Gregorio Heredia. Habra 3 Charreadas, la presentacion de la Esc. Las Generalas y juegos para los niños. Acompañenos!!!

Randy Janssen
06-27-2011 1:46:33 PM CST

Horse we can raffle for the injured charro fund

Randy Janssen
06-27-2011 1:44:16 PM CST

Horse we can raffle

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