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Esc. Las Generalas
04-11-2011 9:58:15 AM CST
Invitamos a todos a una Charreada y Coleadero Abierto este Domingo 17 de Abril en el Rancho La Fortaleza en beneficio de la Esc. Las Generalas, empezaremos a las 12:00. Los Esperamos!! entrada general $5.00 para mas informacion 210-254-4207 o 210-897-5713.

Randy Janssen
04-10-2011 4:38:50 PM CST
Just figured out how to make a slide show. It would be nice to get more pictures from the 50, 60 and 70. The charros should be concerned about preserving their past. It would be too bad to lose the history.

Leta Marquez
04-04-2011 10:21:40 PM CST
What was the finishes on the Escaramuza teams? Who won, second, third, etc. Thanks! All of the young ladies are champions in my books! Awesome job. And Happy Birthday Randy!

Arnulfo Duran
04-04-2011 5:29:52 PM CST
Happy Birthday! Randy, wish you the best.

04-04-2011 4:46:30 PM CST
Happy B-day Randy, Thanks for all your hard work...

Randy Janssen
04-04-2011 4:04:10 PM CST

Had an awesome time at the presatal. So many wonderful teams. Even little boys are doing great things. The girls were fantastic. The stock was tough. Had some close calls. A bull pinned a young man down and a mare went down on a rider. Ernesto Barrientes, left the corrals bleeding. Good thing, nobody was seriously hurt. Not much money in the fund. Did not make much money on either day. No-body worked it. I just left it alone. I did not do it just to be contrary. I turned 64 today. I have high blood presser and my back is so messed up, sometimes I can’t feel my left foot. If the fund is going to survive, it will have to be administered by someone who is young enough to do the work. That is not me. So, if the Charros think the fund is a good thing, they should get together and put someone in charge.

jorge tavares   jorge_tavaares@hotmail.com
03-30-2011 11:16:43 AM CST
hi just want to get the number of the person incharge of the events at san antonio charros please email me at jorge_tavaares@hotmail.com

Randy Janssen
03-29-2011 6:51:24 AM CST
Had another fine day at Victoriano Flores, 3 Potrillos. The ropes were hot and the Charros fantastic. The weather was perfict. Looking forward to the presatal, at El Bajio. Hope to see you there. Viva Charreria!

Randy Janssen
03-21-2011 3:22:34 PM CST
Had another great weekend at 3 Potrillos. Some of the best teams in Texas. Saw a ten year old boy do PASO. Fantastic! It was a little dusty, but that can't be avoided. It would take a lot of money to solve that problem. Maybe if we had one arena for the city, one that is covered.

03-21-2011 2:20:39 PM CST
Solo para pedirles a los organizadores y due?os de los lienzos,se les pide que los lienzos se rieguen antes de cada charreada,es muy feo no poder apreciar la charreada por tanto polvo.Porfavor de regar ...

Leta Marquez   leta56@live.com
03-17-2011 9:16:10 PM CST
What time does the charreada start this weekend? Thank you.

Randy Janssen
03-07-2011 7:27:52 AM CST
Had a wonderful day at Pitallo. Great stock, and some really tough bulls. Sold 197, 50/50 tichets. The winner made $98.50, the fund made the same. Joel Morales made it happen, by jumping in to sell tickets. Thank-you so much for your help.

Leta Marquez   leta56@live.com
03-06-2011 11:55:09 PM CST
I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful people I met today at the Charreada in El Pitallo. This was the best day I have had since I moved to Texas...a special thanks to Sandra & Tommy. And of course always to the Janssen's, they are most gracias people and very enjoyable! Gracias a todos! Me gustan las charreadas mucho! Thank you all of my new found friends!

Randy Janssen
03-05-2011 11:35:06 AM CST
Bobby Gonzales said he would ask if we can have a table at Fiesta for the 50/50 raffle. It would be nice to get some of the tourist dollars. It all helps. The PRCA has a fund for injured cowboys they have millions. It would be nice to give thousands in help, to injured Charros, rather then hundreds. I have tried to find medical insurance for the Charros, but I am always asked, “what do you do”. Everything is OK, until I mention Bull Riding. Then the conversation is always the same. “Let me check on it”, followed by “the answer is no” a few days latter. So, if we are going to be able to help guys that get hurt, we have to rely on ourselves.

Randy Janssen
03-02-2011 11:20:11 AM CST
Coggins test done at Bajio are in. They can be picked up at El Pitallo on Sunday. Also, you can sign up for the Battle of Flowers Parade on Sunday. The Tapitias will have videos of the Nacional for sale on Sunday and we will do the 50/50 raffle. All this and Charreria too, what more could you ask for.

raul   almazanraul@hotmail.com
02-22-2011 9:04:41 AM CST
busco quien de clases de charreria en dallas texas. de antemano les agradesco cualquier imforme, mi telefono es 972-245-0615

Randy Janssen
02-21-2011 7:28:52 PM CST
Another great day at Bajio yesterday. Solomon and Nestor Rodriguez’s hospitality is heart warming. Dr. Kasub, the veterinarian did coggins test. We also did the 50/50 raffle. This turned out better then expected, when Rojelio, jumped in to promote it. We sold 157 tickes and the winner won $78.50. The fund made the same. We sold 2x as many tickets, then the first time. If we can keep doubling the sales, then we can get some real money for the fund. We really should thank Rogelio for his help. Also, we need to see about getting a both for the fund at San Antonio for Fiesta

Randy Janssen
02-14-2011 3:35:40 PM CST
Had a great time at Forteleza yesterday. Beautiful day to watch great Charros and great stock. Fast and strong horses and steers. Did the 50/50 raffel. Sold 67 tickets. That is $33.50 for the fund. Then the winner donated the winnings back. She also bough the most tickets, 15. I only expected to sell 30 tickets and hoped for 50. If this keeps up, then the fund can get some real money in it. If we have 100 people purshace one ticket, that is $50.00 per event. The more tickets we sell, the more money you can win and the more money for the fund. Hope to see you at El Bajio on Sunday. Looks like it will be a great day.

Randy Janssen
02-10-2011 1:17:25 PM CST
Sorry, it is DVDs of the Nacional.

Randy Janssen
02-10-2011 1:15:00 PM CST
Las Tapitias will be selling videos of the Nacional in Pachuca.

02-10-2011 9:40:09 AM CST

Randy Janssen
01-31-2011 11:13:35 AM CST
The vet will be at Bajio on Feb. 20, between 2:00 and 4:00 pm, to do coggins test. The cost is $20.00 per horse. If you want the test done on that day, You need to contact me a week before, if you want work or other shots, I need to know two weeks before.

Randy Janssen
01-30-2011 9:30:12 AM CST
Special thanks to the Charros and Charras who rode in the Rodeo Parade. Every time Charros exhibit, charreada is promoted.

Leta Marquez   leta56@live.com
01-29-2011 10:44:11 PM CST
CHARREADA!!!! CHARREADA!!!! CHARREADA!!!! I am missing the charreadas...Extrano las charreadas!!!!

Randy Janssen
01-27-2011 10:28:48 AM CST
I see Arnulfo has already been here. The State of Texas now has its own web page and Arnulfo Duran is administering it. It is CHARROSDETEJAS.COM Visit it and I am sure any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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