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Alma Flores
09-14-2010 9:39:52 AM CST
Felicidades a todos los charros y charras que hacemos Charreria!

Randy Janssen
09-13-2010 2:49:11 PM CST
I see people are not using their own names. Real men use their own names. If you do not, then you are less then a real man. Veo a personas no utilizan sus propios nombres. Los hombres verdaderos utilizan sus propios nombres. Si usted no hace, entonces usted no es un hombre verdadero.

Fanatica de Caladores
09-13-2010 9:48:28 AM CST
Con todo respeto para el senor que habla y defiende a Javier Jimenez, el sr. jimenez si es buen calador no es por su habilidad propia sino por la habilidad de sus caballos, si vendran o no otros caladores de otros estado eso a usted que! deje de criticar, aqui habemos muchos buenos y malos caladores que deseamos participar en el caladero. Y estoy de acuerdo con el Sr. Robles el mal informado es usted.

para el barbero
09-13-2010 2:51:06 AM CST
por lo visto no estas enterado que javier no gano el primer lugar de cala en el torneo de tres potrillos, lo gano oscar martinez para tu informacion. ni si quiera gano el de su propio torneo en espuelas que es donde nunca pierde. informate tu baboso lambe h@#$$%^%os....

para: martin romo
09-12-2010 7:32:09 PM CST
Para martin robles al pareser esta muy mal informado nomas fijese quien a ganado los ultimos 2 grandes torneos en cala no sea menso, y quisiera ver si vienen caladores de otros estados yo no creo que eso pase y se lo aseguro que nadien va a venir de otro estado y no es que sea barbero lo que soy es conosedor y se que aqui en texas no hay otro que le gane a don javier. Asi es que no sea pendejo eh informese mas

Martin Robles
09-12-2010 12:16:59 AM CST

charros de san antoniio
09-11-2010 8:01:21 PM CST
Pa que hacen caladero mejor nomas mandele el premio a don javier jimenez por que con todo respeto aqui en texas no hay quien le gane

09-10-2010 5:03:51 PM CST
no saben para cuando sera el caladero en el lienzo y /o rancho el pitallo

Randy Janssen
09-08-2010 5:29:54 AM CST
There has been a change in the rotation and the September 19th charreada will be on September 25 and 26 at El Bajio.

JORGE HERRERA   salgadojlh@gmail.com
08-26-2010 10:42:36 AM CST

Randy Janssen
08-24-2010 10:47:58 AM CST
We were contacted by the National Park Service in Del Rio, and asked to send some information about Charreria, to be used at their 10th annual Archeology Fair. I am sending what I have. If you have any pictures or videos, get them to us so we can send more. Also, we should be building the charro album, so we don't lose the history of charreria in Bexar County.

Abel de loera
08-19-2010 3:43:43 PM CST
Charly:el caladero de el rancho el pitallo se pospuso porque ese fin de semana es el nacional de USA. estamos platicando con los charros que hiban a participar para elejir nueva fecha.pronto la deremos a conocer

Randy Janssen
08-19-2010 1:48:47 PM CST
Arnulfo Duran, came by about a jarepio on Sunday. While he was here, we went to the bank and now he in on the Charros de Bejar account. He also has been authorized to get beer licenses for the associations. He is goin to Sams to get on the account, so he can purchase for the associations. We discussed the animal rights litigation. He wants to get with the PUA, to get things started.

08-18-2010 5:37:01 PM CST
Just posted my 300th video of traditional mangana on my mangana web page. The horses still get up and trot away. So much for the animal rights fanatics, who claim most horses used in traditional mangana are killed or have to be put down. It is just not true. Now they want to stop cola. We need to do something, before all that is left in charreria is the escaramuza, without a punta. They say we hurt the horses mouth with the bit, when we slid them to a stop. They are just crazy.

08-17-2010 7:41:10 AM CST
cuando sera el caladero en el lienzo el pitallo?

Randy Janssen
08-16-2010 1:03:38 PM CST
I was talking to Rodrigo Rientera at 3 Potrillos on Sunday. He asked about the problems with the animal rights fanatics. I mentioned the two counties in California, that have outlawed cola and the fight outlaw cola that is developing in Colorado, where two steers supposedly died in a coleadero. He asked what could be done about that and I responded with the idea of suing Nebraska in Federal Court. Nebraska is the one state that has made both cola and mangana illegal. They did this, while leaving rodeo, alone. The humane society actually supported the exception of rodeo. Because of the blatant racial discrimination in the Nebraska law, I think it is the best place to start. The problem is money. Rodrigo ask about the cost and I estimated at least $50,000.00 and probably $200.000.00, if you can’t find a competent Federal Attorney who would do it almost pro bono (free). Rodrigo said, that the basics could be paid by a $150.00 assessment of all the teams, in the US. Since there is somewhere about 300 teams, this is feasible. I agree, but this is something that the teams in Texas, need to spearhead. The teams in the other states, seem to be stymied. This is especially true of California, where there is, so much infighting and a certain lack of direction. So if the teams in Texas would pay the $150.00 with the funds being put in an account where there would be three signatures required on any withdrawal. When the funds are deposited, challenge the other states to do the same.

Randy Janssen
08-13-2010 10:46:50 AM CST
To Elias Trevino; I am sorry, but there was no return address on your e-mail, the contact page sometimes has a problem. If you have teenage boys and they know how to ride, contact any of the teams listed here in SA. If you have small boys contact Francisco Flores at 3 Potrillos. If you have teenage girls and they know how to ride, go to damacharra.com and contact any of the teams in SA. If they are small girls, contact Joel at Rancho Alegre. If you need more information contact me and leave a phone # or email address.

Randy Janssen
08-11-2010 3:40:17 PM CST
I had a young man names Gary Fuentes, contact me about a report he is doing on mangana. He would like any information on they subject. His email address is Gary.Fuentes@concord.heald.edu I gave him all the information I have, it would be nice for anyone who has articles or books about mangana to help him.

Alma Flores   almaflores83@yahoo.com
08-10-2010 3:09:40 PM CST

Invitamos a todos al Rancho 3 Potrillos este fin de semana 14 y 15 de Agosto. Habra 3 charreadas por dia y la presentacion de la escaramuza charra Las Generalas. Habra premiacion a los 3 primeros lugares por equipos y primer lugar individual. Para mas informes Victoriano Flores 210-843-6039.

08-10-2010 2:28:50 PM CST
Para todos los companeros charros y publico en general se les avisa que el caladero que se hiba a hacer en el lienzo el pitallo se pospondra devido a que ese fin de semana es el congreso nacional de estados unidos y el equipo de charros de el pitallo llego a la conclucion de que para no intervenir con dicho evento vamos a cambiar la fecha.mil disculpas a todos

Randy Janssen
08-08-2010 9:24:07 AM CST
I have been contacted by Carlos Vera, from Denver about the cola contraversy. He asked for my help. I will do everything I can, but it would be better if more people were involved. We cannot ignore this, the future of charreria is at stake.

Randy Janssen
08-07-2010 5:51:58 PM CST
To Alejando Solis; if that is your real name. You did not put up you e-mail or phone number, but I will leave your post up. What I care about is charreria and like everything in this country, it cost money. The fact is cola in now illegal in Nebraska and it is being modified in California. Traditional mangana is illegal in California, Arizona, New Mexico Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Main and Florida of all places. Slowly but surly, the animal rights fanatics are chipping away at Charreria. If you do not raise funds to protect Charreria, our great grandchildren will not have this beautiful tradition. As to you allegation that I have created problems in all the lienzos, I doubt the real charros in El Bajio, Rancho Los Compadres, Rancho Alegre, 3 Potrillos, Herradero de Austin, El Mayor, Los Caporales, Cuatro Palmas de Del Rio, El Patillo would complain about me.Do they even know you? I have never heard of you. I will be at the charreada on August 8, at about 3 p.m., will you be there supporting? Come introduce yourself. I am sure the guys would like to meet you.

alejandro solis
08-07-2010 12:15:45 PM CST
all u care about is raising money, and all u do is cause problems at every liezo that u go to, because the reality is that ure not even a charro or in that case mexican

Randy Janssen
08-03-2010 2:50:37 PM CST
To Mrs. Gonzales;I am sorry you or your daughter were offended. That is the reason I took the Gaona page down. It was causing too much animosity. Apparently someone took offense at the phrase in the article that said, “ Escaramuza refers to a precision team-riding exclusively for women, to individual members of the team and, later, to the competitive event in the charreada. The Frontier Times Museum is honored to present this award-winning San Antonio group.” The real competitive teams are in fact that and they don’t like someone making claims that are not true. Just like some others don’t like Raul Gaona Sr., making claims that are not true.

Linda Zarazua Gonzalez
08-02-2010 11:30:15 AM CST

My daugther's team was not awarded anything in Bandera. The article DOES NOT state that. They were simply asked to perform. Please keep this group of young riders out of this argument. This particular group of girls are not a competitive team and have never claimed to be. They are simply young girls learning the sport of escaramuza. I believe that we have been very cordial to all escarumuza teams that have visited the ranch and will continue to be. The team has enjoyed watching all the other teams compete and roots for the success of charras all over Texas. This year, many of our girls enjoyed thier first taste of belonging to this great sport by attending the conference held outside of Houston. Many blessings to all who read this posting!

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