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Charros de Sur
05-31-2014 11:45:15 AM CST
Got the ribbon and a very nice note from the Battle of Flowers Parade. They thanked us for the exciting show we put on and hope we will return next year. Lienzo San Miguel paid $500,00 into the Injured Charro fund. Everybody should thank them for their support. The Charros need to get more involved with politics. The AVMA just came out against piales and they are still trying to stop cola in a number of states. The best defense against ignorance is information. The best way to get the information out is by getting people in the stands and then having good Charreadas, with healthy stock and well trained Charros. If the opponents of Charreada saw mangana done by someone like Pillin Rivera, then they would stop complaining.

Charros del Bejar
05-01-2014 3:48:17 PM CST
The Charros del Sur, won 2ed place in the Battle of Flowers Parade. It's hard to beat the professionals. Budweiser won first.

04-29-2014 2:15:01 PM CST
El pes muere por la boca. Y aqui este charro (alexis) lo comprobo. Estudien el reglamento charros y no les pasa lo que a este charro le paso. La juventud ocupa esta diciplina para que se ensene primero a RESPETAR. Suerte a toda la charreria en el estatal 2014!

Un Charrro
04-18-2014 4:42:41 PM CST
Si yo pensaba que ibasa ganar y, por loco hablaste mucho con el pico. Controlate amigo, y no sigues poniendo cosas en el medio de Face como el otro tonto que no serve para nada. Echale ganas pide desculpas. Y vamos a charrear

04-18-2014 12:52:33 PM CST

Whaaa whaaa whaa!

04-18-2014 12:48:47 PM CST
Alexis, I have followed your career as a charro for awhile now. It's unfortunate the way it ended. You were on top.. You have the potential to be a great charro, and I think that day was your day to show everyone what you were made of.. I think you were doing that. You got two piales did good in colas, and rode the bull, then you really showed them in manganas you how immature, ignorant and full of dung that you are. Time and time again you find a way to short change yourself because you cant seem to grow up. You dont own up to your own actions and want to place the blame on someone else. When are you gonna get it? We all hope for the best for you, and I thought that this would be a wake up call, but there you go trying to blame everyone for your actions.. Its irrelevant if someone was or was not drinking.. you acted like a cry baby at that event that you were probably gonna win.. You just found away to get disqualified, and now you are looking for an excuse. There wasn't any corruption or influence to get you to open your mouth. Try and be the better man, and try to be a good dad, and a good example to that precious little boy that you fathered. Any man can father a child, but it takes a special man to be a dad. You need to focus on what is important and that is your child. Grow up and don't worry if they suspend you like you deserve to be. Please be the better man that we all hope that you can be.

04-17-2014 10:45:44 PM CST
Well i got screwed at the pre estatal i guess u can bribe the judge with beer but no he wasnt drinking lol . Then the charros that were on top lose. Wow but i guess papi has influence on the judge like the way he told him what to do .tiki was losing and got me out of the way nice job im gonna make sure that it gets thrown out of it is not legal because there are pics of the judge having several c old ones while judging not legal and the person that is federacion was there but he to was drinking ok so we need to clean up the mess starting with the way i acted

LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
04-07-2014 8:17:26 PM CST

SE VENDE CABALLO 210-843-1171 O' 210-30-4107 NOMBRE: EL REGALO EDAD:8 MESES $: 6,000.00

Luna   luna.m0420@hotmail.com
03-31-2014 5:30:59 PM CST


LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
03-31-2014 5:25:13 PM CST


LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
03-31-2014 4:36:17 PM CST

LA LUNA FOTOGRAFIA. llamen al (210)300-4107 para mas informacion o' para programar una sesion de fotos. (foto tomada en: El Bajio 3/31/2014)

03-13-2014 8:16:17 AM CST
Arnulfo Duran has the coggins test done at Bajio for everyone except the people from San Antonio Charros. Menolo is picking them up on March 13.

Elaine Ayala   eayala@express-news.net
03-07-2014 9:45:37 PM CST
Dear Charro Association and Miss Charro, The San Antonio Express-News and MySanAntonio.com will conduct a Fiesta medal contest this year that will include official and unofficial Fiesta groups and organizations, nonprofits, church groups, fraternal organizations, companies, individuals and others that proudly design, produce and either sell or distribute their medals to Fiesta-goers. We’d love to include your Fiesta medal in our contest, mysa slideshow and story about winners. We just need you to send us your medals as soon as possible so that they can be photographed and readied for a slideshow. First, you should know that our contest will consider your medal’s originality, design and production quality, and our judges will be made up of an independent group of Fiesta experts. Medals will be placed into several categories, including official and unofficial Fiesta royals (including kings, queens, etc.); Fiesta-focused organizations (Order of the Alamo, for example); nonprofits groups of all kinds (including fraternal organizations, agencies, churches, etc.); companies and businesses that produce medals as a way to promote themselves, their goods and/or services and participate in Fiesta; other groups that have their own medals minted; and individuals who mint their own medals, too. No consideration will be given to whether you sell your medals as a fundraiser or for profit, or if you simply give them away in the spirit of Fiesta. Include a medal (or two) with the name of the organization, group, agency, etc., a contact name, phone number and email address and any other information you think pertinent to: Elaine Ayala Fiesta Medal Contest San Antonio Express-News P.O. Box 2171 San Antonio, TX 78297 You can drop off your medal to Elaine at the Express-News main building at the corner of Avenue E and Third Street, a block north of the Alamo. Meter parking is available. You may leave the medal with the guard on duty. If you have any questions, please call or email Elaine Ayala, eayala@express-news.net; (210) 250-3402. We’d like to get as many of your medals in hand as soon as possible. But our deadline is Friday, March 28. Yours in Fiesta! Fiesta Medal Context Committee

Charros de Bejar
03-06-2014 6:38:52 AM CST
Es estupendo ver a los Charros del Sur están teniendo otra Charreada este fin de semana en el Lienzo San Miguel.los Charros del sur de Texas son algunos de los más activos Charros en los EE.UU. Trabajan juntos y se respetan mutuamente. Todos Charreada podría aprender algo de estos hombres.

03-05-2014 7:47:33 PM CST
Nomas échenle ganas hermanos charros y viva MEXICO

Charros de Bejar
03-04-2014 8:24:29 AM CST
Polo: Todo lo que queríamos hacer era señalar que Charreada tiene algunos problemas que son más importantes, luego limpie las camisas. Insultar a la gente no soluciona esos problemas. Trabajando juntos voluntad. México podría ayudar sin gastar mucho dinero. Sería agradable para alguien en el gobierno mexicano para enviar cartas a los gobernadores de los Estados que se oponen a la Charreada explicando Charreada cuán importante es. Cambiando la regla contra mangana tradicional en los Estados Unidos. Configurar el modo Charreada es administrada en los Estados Unidos para hacerlo más profesional. Una junta directiva con un administrador profesional remunerado elegida. Estados Unidos podrían ayudar a Charreada haciendo algunas cosas simples. Invitar a miembros de la legislatura para asistir a Charreadas. Asegurándose de que entienden lo que está pasando. Los Charros deben ser más positiva y activa en defensa de la Charreada. Quejas acerca de qué tan limpia es un lienzo, en una página web pública, no es positivo, especialmente cuando los Charros en esos lienzos son algunos de los más entusiasmados con la Federación y Charreada y apoyo.

03-03-2014 11:34:38 PM CST
y otra cosa si piensas que mexico nos da nada mira y investiga cuanto dinero se an robado en texas nomas para que mires falta mucho en los estados unidos pregunta y exige un reporte aqui estan las ratas

03-03-2014 11:22:41 PM CST
estas mal no eres ni charro porque si lo fueras sabiras de lo que digo limpien el imagine de esa manera tendremos respaldo ya lo intentaron y fallaron asi como tu president y otros charros que los coreron de la chareria y te lo digo otra ves viva mexico

Charros de Bejar
03-03-2014 11:43:26 AM CST
Polo: es cierto, un sombrero no es el signo de un Charro. El verdadero signo de un Charro es su amor y compromiso a la Charreada. Suena como la de México, así que quizá no entiendas Charreada en Estados Unidos. Gobierno no admite la Charreada aquí. De hecho, el gobierno ha intentado cerrar Charreada. Además, los Charros sentir, que la Federación les ha abandonado. Ellos creen que pagar y recibir nada a cambio. Es decir por qué más y más equipos han estado negándose a federar y algunos incluso están comenzando una nueva asociación sólo para los Estados Unidos. El año pasado hubo casi 50 equipos en Texas, este año es 33. Así que, hay muchos más problemas con la Charreada, luego paños limpios y un lienzo limpio. Es malo para usted criticar a los equipos en el sur de Texas, ya que hay más Charreada aquí, entonces en la mayoría de los Estados Unidos. Es uno de los pocos lugares que es federar equipos más entonces el año pasado. Los Charros de South Texas, puede ser un poco duro alrededor de los bordes, pero les encanta Charreada y están comprometidos con él.

03-02-2014 6:57:42 PM CST
Nomas porque te pones el sombrero charro no eres aprendan primero la tradicion y lo que significa nuestro traje muchos mal vestidos y es una imgine que no queramos a mandar limpien sus lienzos no importa si es de madera o cemento

Charros de Bejar
03-01-2014 12:23:14 PM CST
To polo; Charreada es una forma de vida. Es parte de los Charros y Charras corazón y alma. No es en lo que parece su lienzo, se encuentra en su pasión por el deporte. Algunos de los Charros mayores se encuentran en lienzos de madera. Algunos de los peores Charros, que no hacen más que tomar de la Charreada se encuentran en hermosos lienzos. No compare lienzos cuando buscando buena Charrada, comparar Charros.

02-26-2014 10:35:53 PM CST
que lastima hablan de tradicion pero lo que Deben de hacer es limpiar los lienzos para que la gente mire lo bonito no gente peliando este fin de semana va ser en el pitallo no puedes ni caminar porque te quibras el pie con tanta piedras y pozos lastima esta imagine de nuestra tradicion porfavor limpien nuestra tradicion venden cervesa sin permisos el dia que se mate una persona porfavor

02-24-2014 3:06:09 PM CST
Hard a great Charreada yesterday at El Bajio. Seven teams and an escaramuza. The vet did over 40 coggins test. If you get a chance, let him know how appreciated he is. You can get in touch with him at the County Line Animal Hospital. He really helps out. Arnulfo Duran Diana Cervantez and Meliscio Flores all have the application to be in the Battle of Flowers Parade. Contact any of them if you want to ride.

Texas A&M by rmj
02-18-2014 1:15:17 PM CST
Researchers from Texas A&M University in College Station are conducting a case study with various groups and individuals in your community that have some type of connection to the San Antonio Missions. The main purpose of the study is to better understand the role that the Missions play in this community, and listen to your thoughts regarding this iconic national landmark. To achieve our study objectives, we are conducting a series of interviews with people in San Antonio. I would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in an interview at the Mission Branch Public Library on February 22. The library is located at 3134 Roosevelt Avenue in San Antonio. The interview will take approximately 30-45 minutes. In appreciation of your time, you will be given a $25 Visa Gift Card at the completion of the interview. Participation in the interview is by invitation only, and we will need you to sign a consent form to take part in the interview. No names will be used in the study results and all interviews will be kept confidential. Your involvement in this study is critical to its success and to learning more about the San Antonio Missions. We hope you would consider participating in our study so we can work out a future date/time. If you are unable to participate, we understand. If you know of other individuals from the community that would be appropriate to talk with, we would like to have their contact information to extend this invitation to them as well. Again, thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions about this project, please let us know. We are looking forward to talking with you in the near future. Sincerely, Guillermo Barthel MS Student Natural Resources Development Department of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences Texas A&M University

02-17-2014 5:32:06 PM CST
bonita charreada en el lienzo de san Antonio hasta que encuentro un lugar bonito y no como todos los otros que dicen preserver nuestra tradicion mis respetos a san Antonio por un lugar muy limpio y bonito viva mexico

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